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    <allimages gaifrom="01 form 1770 S 2009.pdf" />
      <page pageid="172" ns="6" title="File:00-Isi Panduan Unggah Karya Ilmiah ver 1.3 FINAL.pdf" />
      <page pageid="394" ns="6" title="File:009 SK FEB.pdf" />
      <page pageid="117" ns="6" title="File:00 Petunjuk 1770 S 2009.pdf" />
      <page pageid="112" ns="6" title="File:00 petunjuk 1770 2009.pdf">
          <df name="Petunjuk_1770_2009.pdf" user="Bima.santosa" timestamp="2010-03-24T15:33:08Z" />
      <page pageid="171" ns="6" title="File:01-Cover Panduan Unggah Karya Ilmiah.pdf" />
      <page pageid="393" ns="6" title="File:010 - SK Kurikulum MM (new).pdf" />
      <page pageid="378" ns="6" title="File:013 - ST ANT.pdf" />
      <page pageid="389" ns="6" title="File:01 - SK Kurikulum Prodi MM.pdf" />
      <page pageid="122" ns="6" title="File:01 form-1770 SS 2009.pdf" />
      <page pageid="113" ns="6" title="File:01 form 1770 2009.pdf" />